"The time to install your equipment is no time to realize it's unavailable."

CSI provides economical, hands-on support for all your site equipment and material operations. We are experienced in comprehensive material management for complex EPC and Telecom projects ranging to $4 billion as well as complete life-cycle management of Government Property in compliance with FAR 52-245.1.

Our expertise helps you assure materials are received, inspected, documented, properly stored and available when you're ready. We work as an integral part of your project team to monitor delivery schedules, track transit and arrival activities, expedite and report critical information. We know well that the smallest printed circuit board can be just as important as a much larger item when it gets down to start-up and commissioning time.

Your construction teams benefit from accurate status, which enables them to better schedule efficient use of manpower and equipment, as well as preventing costly work-arounds.

Among the material management services available to you are:

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